Tales from the Trail

TFtT Episode 8: Life at SJPII

June 28, 2021 John Paul Panthers Season 1 Episode 9
Tales from the Trail
TFtT Episode 8: Life at SJPII
Show Notes

This episode of the podcast will take listeners on an audio tour of Life at St. John Paul II. The grade 12 Recreation and Healthy Active Leadership class will be reflecting on their time at SJPII by looking at everyday life and the little things, councils and clubs, sports and teams and events as they have experienced them during their time at Pope. This tour is a representation of our journey and life as we experienced it at SJPII.  What makes Pope so unique is that everyone’s experience can be so different and yet we can all come together and embrace what will always keep us connected, being part of the Panther family!

This episode also features
Staff Stories from Ms. Forester and Ms. Anderson.

 Staff Moderator:
Ms. MacLean

On Air Contributors:
The students of our PLF4M1 class from Quad 4.

Tales from the Trail Theme Song:
music written by:
Sophia Arellano   produced by: Sophia Arellano and Marylou David

Staff Stories theme song:
music written by:
Marylou David produced by Marylou David and Sophia Arellano

lyrics written by: Sophia Arellano and Marylou David  spoken intro: Chiara Alcantara, Anais Edisane